Denise Carver
The ladies at Senior Oaks have taken great care of my mom for the last few years. She wouldn’t have been happy in a large facility but this is much more of a home setting. A much better fit for us!
Bill B
My wife's mom is in this facility. Brenda and her staff love the residents and love what they do. It's obvious when you talk to them. We travel often and never worry about her mom in this facility. We can come and go and there are no time restraints on when we can visit. Brenda also has cameras all over so she can be sure that everyone is cared for and all activity is documented. We have had her mother in another facility in Texas and they claimed they gave great care but we watched her mom become lethargic and plummet in health. We figured out she was probably medicated to keep her and the other residents in their rooms. Brenda does not want them kept locked up all day, it's the opposite. The residents are happy and loved and what more could anyone want for a loved one.
Nina Foster
Very good care taking - from medication management to delcious meals, TV, pet therapy, TLC
Denise C
Caring people in a homestyle environment. My mom is well taken care is by the staff.